Skiing in December in Europe? - Tignes , France

Yes, it's possible but you have to go high. The higher, the better. High altitude equals lower pressure, which equals lower temperatures in the late autumn, which in turn equals snow, not rain! When you combine altitude with historically high snowfall, you get an interesting list of skiing areas in the Alps, where you can almost guarantee a natural snow skiing in early December! We have visited and selected the highest ski resorts in Europe with world-class skiing and partying. So, one itching to start the season early must not miss.

Dobromir Guchev
by Dobromir Guchev ·

1. Tignes, France

Resort height: 2100m 

Slopes: 1550-3456m 

Pistes: 150km  (300km Tignes+Val d'Isère ski area)

Average Annual Snowfall: 6.2m

We have given Tignes the top spot not only because of its high altitude (3455m) in the Alps, but because of its significant snowfall. With an average of 6.2m, it boasts one of the greatest snowfall amongst all ski resorts in Europe. The high snowfall stems from the unique microclimate at Tignes and the adjacent Val d’Isere, which allows snow from storms of both Atlantic and Mediterranean origin to dump huge amounts of snow in the area from late Autumn to late Spring. 

Tignes is certainly less famous than the linked to it Val d’Isere, but it is somewhat better placed to guarantee us a slush free skiing, as most if its hotels and bottom of the slopes are located at 2100m. When you add to that the fact that there is underground train climbing up to 3032m and the connecting large gondola takes you and 49 others up to 3456m to the Grande Motte Glacier, you are guaranteed fun shredding down to 2100 or even further down to Tignes 1550, perhaps later in December. 

This unique combination allows the resort to be opened 11 months of the year as our recent July and August  2023 adventures shows. Unfortunately, the glacier has been steadily diminishing over the last few years and we may not have much time left to enjoy it.

The resort boasts some of the best snow parks in the Alps and a number of Michelin star restaurants as well as many Apres’ skis. 

Following a hard day shredding down the mountain, you can benefit from the numerous hotels and chalets offering ski-in access.  If you are an experienced skier/boarder we do recommend getting a pass for the whole skiing area which will give you access to Val d'Isere too.

Stay @ Chalet Yeti (Tignes) on our "Invitation onlyI ski adventure in December 2023. 

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