What are we about? And why choose us?

We all live very busy lives and the busier we are, the more we forget about the things we enjoy most and what makes us feel alive. We neglect our health for the sake of our jobs or duties and we keep postponing that trip we always wanted to make or that sport that we always wanted to try. So we're giving you the opportunity to change all that and adopt a new fresher, healthier and carefree lifestyle. We create the trips and organise the experience that will change you for the better and make you a fitter, healthier and perhaps happier YOU. This is what we are all about!

Creating experiences is an art. And we want you to experience our art. On our trips, we combine different sports and fitness programs to suit you. We will support you all the way on your improvement path and make sure you are enjoying it too. Finding the right teachers, equipment, place to do it and place to stay can just be too stressful and easy to get wrong so we do it all for you!

Anna Schreiber

Yoga / Beach sports


Anna completed her Vinyasa yoga teacher training in Melbourne, Australia but she has been practicing yoga all over the word for over ten years. She is passionate about finding strength and flexibility and believes that yoga is a life long practice that brings grounding and joy, on and off the mat. Expect to be challenged mentally and physically in her practice while also getting the time to slow down and look inward. Speaks English, German and Portuguese. 

Dobrin Dobrev

Kitesurfing / Skiing / Free-ride skiing


With over 15 years of kite instructing and over 20 years ski instructing. Dobrin has a tone of experience on both snow and water. Being the owner of a kite & surf school Campo in Hurghada, Egypt he is the perfect guy to lead and teach. . A ton of experience on snow and water and the perfect guy to be in charge of many sport activities. Speaks English, Russian and Bulgarian. 

Ed Ockleford

Wakeboarding / Snowboarding / Skateboarding / Climbing


Ed used to be a pro-snowboarder. Now he is busy running and playing at his own wake park in Cambridgeshire, England, where he is coaching young and old. Ed will be in charge of our wakeboarding activities and on occasions of our snowboarding trips. Speaks English and French. 

Ivan Vasilev



Ivan will be in charge of all newbies snowboarders and skiers on the slopes. He has been snowboarding for the last 20 years and has been explored nearly every ski resorts in Europe. His experience in organising, logistic and ensuring the safety of the others is invaluable. . Expect nothing but fun and adventure whit Ivan. Speaks English, Russian and Bulgarian. 



David Ursell

David Ursell, the founder of Push Kiting,  has been kiting since 1996 and has a huge amount of kiting experience, racking up over 10,000 hours of kite teaching experience over 17yrs. David is a BKSA Senior Instructor and now also the only Advanced power kite Coach in the UK, who is professionally sponsored by Duotone Kiteboarding. 

The Push Kiting name is synonymous with professional kiteboarding and we’ve been filmed by numerous broadcasters including Discovery Channel 3D, BBC Countryfile, Blackberry, BBC leisure programs, BBC News, Blue Peter, Devin Super Tramp, and the list goes on. Push Kiting also feature in Kiting media such as PowerKite magazine, Kitesurf Mag, Kiteworld and kite forums etc. 



AJ Philipsen

Passion: MTB, Kitesurf

Discipline: Kiteboarding, kitesurfing

Competitive Highlights: 2nd British UK champion 2009, 1st DFC MTB Contest 2013

Home spot: Frinton-on-Sea, Favourite Spots: Frinton-on-Sea

Favourite Moves: Kiteloops and passes

More important than kiting: Friends and family

In your free time? Biking, longboarding and partying

On your iPod? The easier question is what’s not on my ipod

Best kite moment? Every moment on my kites are the best

Best life moment? Flying my first power kite

How would you change the world? Have everyone experience the fun and freedom of kiting

Ideal day? Kiting with friend in perfect conditions

Interesting saying: Don’t just dream it, Live it!




Sebastian is born and lives in South Tyrol, Italy. He has been skiing and snowboarding since he remembers, but in the last 15 years his passion is snow-kitting. He snow-kites at every opportunity and those are plentiful on the Southern Alpes plateaus.  During the summer he is kitesurfing, rock-climbing and mountain biking. All those activities are just 10 min from his house and he is inviting you to show you around his beautiful mountains. Sebastian speaks  German, Italian, Portuguese and English.


photography / videography


Asen has many passions and photography is certainly one of them. He has worked as telecommunication engineer, major TV station technician and even builder. However he has always had his cameras by his side. Asen speaks Bulgarian, English, Russian and Spanish