Activities and Adventures on, around and above Lake Garda

The array of sports activities enjoyed around Lake Garda seems nearly limitless.


The array of sports activities enjoyed around Lake Garda seems nearly limitless. Whether on water, in the air, on mountains, beaches, or in the hilly hinterland, athletes of all stripes engage in vigorous workouts and spirited play throughout the year.

The popularity of Lake Garda among active holidaymakers is attributed to its diverse natural landscape, providing ideal conditions for various sports like surfing, sailing, hiking, and mountain biking. With ample sunshine hours per year, sporting activities or events are rarely cancelled due to inclement weather.

Both sporty tourists and professionals appreciate the favourable landscape and climate, displaying great enthusiasm for the region. Lake Garda hosts numerous internationally renowned sporting events, including the Rockmaster climbing competition in Arco, the Centomiglia sailing regatta, the Riva bike festival, and the SURFestival in Torbole.

Not every activity has to be extreme; Lake Garda's shores offer perfect settings for leisurely jogs or relaxing yoga sessions, especially in the early morning hours.

Lake Garda is a hub for active holidaymakers and innovative sports enthusiasts, continuously introducing new and exciting sports. While some may fade away quickly, others become the latest trend, spreading across Lake Garda in no time.


With its bright sunshine and steady winds, Lake Garda emerges as an ideal destination for kitesurfing. While kiting may not be as entrenched as windsurfing here, the growing presence of clubs, kite schools, and equipment rentals around the lake signifies its increasing popularity. Kitesurfing, a burgeoning sport, is gaining popularity rapidly.

Using the wind's power, surfers maneuver the kite, propelling themselves across the water at exhilarating speeds and launching into the air repeatedly. The high adrenaline rush and myriad opportunities for tricks and jumps draw more water sports enthusiasts to Lake Garda each year.

While some surfing schools, clubs, and equipment rentals around Lake Garda have adapted to meet the rising demand, it's essential to note that kitesurfing isn't permitted everywhere on the lake. In Trentino province, including areas like Torbole and Riva del Garda, kitesurfing is restricted to winter months or after 6 pm.

Safety is paramount in kitesurfing; always monitor the weather conditions closely. If uncertain, it's best to postpone surfing to another day


Lake Garda isn't just a fantastic holiday destination for water sports and hiking; it also has plenty to offer in the skies. The Monte Baldo area is a paradise for paragliders.

For those seeking an exhilarating rush and a breath of fresh air, paragliding at Lake Garda is a must. Each year, numerous passionate paragliders flock to Lake Garda to soar over its breath-taking landscape and take advantage of the ideal conditions.

Even beginners find themselves captivated by the experience. Paragliding offers an exciting highlight during an active holiday, leaving an indelible memory of your time at Lake Garda. Tandem flights are readily available through various paragliding schools.

If taking to the skies isn't for you just yet, fear not! You can still enjoy the thrilling spectacle of professional paragliders in action at Malcesine, a charming town near our hotel and kite school. Their flights and landings provide an entertaining show full of fun and excitement!

Nordic Walking 

Nordic Walking, utilizing specially designed poles, offers millions worldwide an efficient way to enhance their health. It comes in three variants: classic, fitness, and sports.

Classic Nordic Walking suits all ages and fitness levels, promoting overall health with a more comprehensive workout than traditional walking when poles are properly utilized.

Fitness Nordic Walking emphasizes precise technique execution to maximize the benefits, enhancing stamina and overall fitness.

Sports Nordic Walking is tailored for well-trained individuals, focusing on advanced techniques like climbing, running, jumping with poles, and targeted exercises for major muscle groups.

Nordic Walking around Lake Garda caters to all ages, with its diverse natural landscape providing suitable tracks for both beginners and advanced enthusiasts to enhance stamina and fitness. This serene sport unfolds amidst picturesque forests, mountain slopes, plateaus, country roads, and well-designed Nordic walking parks. The surrounding area, enriched with natural parks, presents abundant opportunities for Nordic walking, with prime spots found in Arco, Tremosine, and Lessinia.

Horse Riding

Lake Garda's surroundings offer a genuine paradise for horse enthusiasts. The mild climate and stunning landscape, characterized by shaded country roads and hilly trekking routes, make a compelling case for a riding holiday at Lake Garda.

Whether you're looking to refine your riding skills at a reputable equestrian centre or embark on a guided trekking excursion, your riding holiday is bound to create lasting memories. What could possibly surpass the experience of exploring the stunning Mediterranean landscape and its magnificent vistas from the back of a horse?


The diving area of Lake Garda features steep walls, caves, platforms, canyons, boat wrecks, and pike swarms, all amidst ideal water temperatures. It offers divers of all levels unforgettable experiences in the depths of one of Europe's clearest lakes, reaching depths of 346 meters.

The underwater world of Lake Garda entices with a diverse array of animals, plants, and remarkable rock formations. Vertical cliffs offer superb diving opportunities, while spring and autumn are ideal seasons due to algae blooms in the summer.

Favorite diving spots include Porto San Nicolò in Riva del Garda, Manerba del Garda, Salò, and areas near the Sirmione peninsula. Beginners can explore Villa Bella in Tempesta for fabulous coves and breathtaking crevices, while Baia Azzurra in Riva del Garda is perfect for novices. Experienced divers will appreciate Porto San Nicolò's depth and the chance to admire a two-meter-high statue of Jesus Christ and WWII tank remnants at 15 meters.

Other treasures in Lake Garda include sunken galleys in Lazise and an anchored nativity scene in Torri del Benaco. For a real challenge, divers can explore the area of Cippo di confine in Navene, a district of Malcesine.

More information about diving in Lake Garda can be found on this blog here.

Mountain Biking

Lake Garda stands as the ultimate destination for bike enthusiasts. With over one thousand kilometers of meticulously waymarked trails catering to all abilities, from leisurely outings for beginners to challenging routes for seasoned riders, there's something for everyone.

The awe-inspiring scenery and unparalleled natural beauty ensure that every enthusiast experiences a journey of complete and utter freedom.

In this section, you'll discover everything necessary for your rides: detailed maps, altitude profiles, and comprehensive descriptions of all the itineraries available.


Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy, and in its depths, there are a variety of different fish species which are on the menu in many local restaurants and trattorias. However, passionate anglers know that a fish caught by yourself tastes even better! 

Sports fishing thrives on Lake Garda due to its diverse aquatic ecosystem, including nearby Lake Toblino and the Sarca River, teeming with trout and char respectively. The lake also offers a bounty of other sought-after species like whitefish, alborella, eel, tench, chub, and perch. However, the elusive carpione, known as the Lake Garda trout, is a true rarity found exclusively in its namesake lake.

To fish in Lake Garda's public waters, you need a special license, obtainable for tourists online or in local municipalities, valid for 30 days per year. In smaller lakes nearby, like Lake Bagattoli, fishing without a license is permitted, with equipment rental available. Fishing in Lake Garda is permitted most of the year, with exceptions during specific periods and nighttime hours. Rules regarding fish size, quantity, and equipment use vary by location, so it's crucial to inquire beforehand to avoid penalties. The permit can be applied for via the website