Egypt·June 22 - 29 2024

Kitesurfing in Egypt, Red Sea - M/Y Anemone

Guided kitesurfing safari on a luxury yacht in the Red Sea! Perfect for beginners, pros and anyone in-between.



Kite-surfing and diving safari for any skill-level! This is the active holiday you've been looking for... Enjoy perfect conditions, sunshine and warm waters; explore lush coral reefs and improve your skills with expert advice for both pros and beginners! Qualified kite instructors and kitesurfing equipment will be onboard. We create a programme full of fitness and activities to keep you busy and improve your health. If that's not your thing, just sit back and relax as we cruise through the crystal blue waters of the North Red Sea. You can also wakeboard, windsurf, fish, swim and snorkel; an activity for everyone, a holiday that suits all! During the trip, we'll stop at various deserted islands giving you the opportunity to experience Egypt and Sudan’s beautiful white sand beaches, turquoise lagoons, and famous shipwrecks. Rejoice in amazing dive sites and perfect spots for kite and windsurfing! A professional photographer on board will capture the moments. Learn how to improve your riding and land new tricks while making some excellent new friends, taking in some gorgeous views and a little partying - if that's your thing. The yacht itself, 'My Anemone', is a brand new luxury, modern, 45m boat with 14 guest cabins, a restaurant, bar, jacuzzi free wifi and many sun lounges. Sport, relaxation, fun! Unlimited food and soft drinks throughout the day and transport to and from the airport are provided along with care from our cabin crew, 24-hour rescue service and insurance. There are two free-of-charge speed boats which will take the kiters-surfers, divers and beach goers out. In the event of a calm, windless day the boats offer wakeboarding. Come for the fun, come to learn or to relax, come for your health, come for the unforgettable experience, just come! Book now, don’t miss out.


All kite-surfers are supported by two rescue boats called Zodiacs.

All kite-surfers are supported by two rescue boats called Zodiacs.

We ride in all wind directions and the support of the rescue boats is priceless. On off-shore wind you could be far into the see but as soon as your kite is down the rescue boat will be on the way to you, thus saving you precious time and a lot of efforts. Lets face it no-one likes body-drag!





With over 15 years of kite instructing and over 20 years ski instructing. Dobrin has a tone of experience on both snow and water. Being the owner of a kite & surf school Campo in Hurghada, Egypt he is the perfect guy to lead and teach. . A ton of experience on snow and water and the perfect guy to be in charge of many sport activities. Speaks English, Russian and Bulgarian.



BKSA Senior Instructor and Advanced power kite Coach

David Ursell, the founder of Push Kiting,  has been kiting since 1996 and has a huge amount of kiting experience, racking up over 10,000 hours of kite teaching experience over 17yrs. David is a BKSA Senior Instructor and now also the only Advanced power kite Coach in the UK, who is professionally sponsored by Duotone Kiteboarding. 

The Push Kiting name is synonymous with professional kiteboarding and we’ve been filmed by numerous broadcasters including Discovery Channel 3D, BBC Countryfile, Blackberry, BBC leisure programs, BBC News, Blue Peter, Devin Super Tramp, and the list goes on. Push Kiting also feature in Kiting media such as PowerKite magazine, Kitesurf Mag, Kiteworld and kite forums etc. 



BKSA Senior Instructor / IKO Level 2 Instructor / Cabrinha South Africa Instructor 

Mike has been kitesurfing since 2003 and is a well rounded waterman with a great knowledge of water sports.  He has travelled to many spots around the world and has seen first hand the growth of kiteboarding from its infancy. He is a BKSA Instructor since 2016 and  BKSA Senior Instructor since 2018. He has IKO Level 2 Instructor since 2018 and is a Cabrinha South Africa Instructor 2018-2019.

What's Included

What's Included

Accomodation for 7 nights on a luxury yacht


Soft drinks



24 hour rescue service

Expert advice in the evenings

Transport between Hurghada airport and marina

Equipment at extra cost

Daily cleaning of the cabins



Flights to Egypt, Hurghada

Egypt entry visa at $25 per person, payable upon arrival at the airport

Marina and Fuel Surcharge fees - €100 per person

Yacht crew tips - €80 per person

Travel and medical insurance

Alcoholic beverages

Private Kite lessons

Add Ons

One hour with our kite instructor (one-on-one)

Expert advice and guidance at an excellent price. You can book in advance to guarantee you'll get all the time you'd like....
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Equipment hire for the week

No need to go out and buy everything, we can cover you!


You'll Be Staying Here

Lower and Main Decks

Lower and Main Decks

Lower deck

The lower deck accommodates the restaurant and 3 cabins. The restaurant consists of 4 large tables, enough for 40 guest. The 3 cabins on this deck are the Dolphin Suite (Cabin 1), the Junior suite (Cabin 2) and a  twin room (Cabin 3).

Main deck

This deck is the main  sitting area and  4 of the cabins - from 4 to 7, all are twin en-suit cabins.

Upper and High Decks

Upper and High Decks

Upper Deck

This upper desk boasts with 8  cabins. Two large double beds and 6 twin bed cabins.

High Deck

The top sundeck has 4 cabins the two honeymoon suites and the two cabins for our guides - kiters and drivers.


The yacht trip offers the perfect conditions for beginners and advanced riders, alike. The location of this trip has ideal conditions for beginners for the following reasons: #1 We anchor the yacht in one of the best lagoons for kite-surfing in the world - clear warm water, no beach-goers to worry about,  and plenty of space between the kite-surfers. #2 You get free rescue boat support. There are two boats available all the time to help when you are further out at sea or even close to the beach but lost your board or the kite is in the water and you are struggling. #3 There will be about 20 of us on board with about 5 to 10 beginners. #4 Our instructors only work with radio helmets, so they will guide you in real time on how to improve your posture and riding, thus significantly shortening the learning curve. You can spend more than the cost of this trip on other instructors teaching you something on the beach for weeks, while you can learn with us for 2 days and spend the other 4-5 days learning on your own and making use of the boats when needed. #5 Because of the rescue boats and the ability to anchor at different locations, we ride in all wind directions, thus again making use of all the time you are out there. I am sure you must have had frustrating kite-surfing days when you had to wait for the right wind direction or strength. #6 The wind is much stronger at sea than at the beach. Therefore if Hurghada station is showing 10kts, at see is bout 12 or 13knts. #6 Finally, we will have wing-foil equipment on board and an instructor too, in case the wind drops under 10knts (unlikely).

As long as necessary. They are available as transport boats from the yacht to the lagoon islands and as rescue boats for stranded kiters. 

As long as necessary. They are available as transport boats from the yacht to the lagoon islands and as rescue boats for stranded kiters.

We will roughly know the wind conditions a week prior to the 5th of November and will inform you what kite sizes you should take with you. You can also always rent one on the yacht.

The food is buffet-style. There is a variety of food on board such as fish, chicken, beef, salads, fruits, and vegetables. If you're looking for something sweet, there's a large selection of pastries, cakes and traditional Egyptian and European desserts. 

There will be vegetarian and vegan options available.

Because of the wind, we and the local guides decide on the exact kite safari location only a day or two in advance. We are flexible - after all, we are on a yacht! We will pick the best spots according to the optimal wind conditions so you can get the maximum kite time. The most probable spots are the lagoons around and near the following islands in the Red Sea: Ashrafi, Abou Moungar, Gessum and Tawila.

The boats will be available from dawn to dusk so provided there are good winds and light, you can start riding at dawn.

There are two fees which are not hidden but under the "not included" section on the site... These are compulsory and paid by every person on board, even the children. 

The marina fee is €100 per person and the tips for the crew, the waiters, the chef, the beach boys, the guides and the boat drivers are €80 per person. 

Yes! Just book as many suits and cabins as you need. Spaces are limited though, so hurry - especially if you're a large group.

The average water temperature in the Red Sea is above 20°C. The average air temperature is around 25°C during the day and 16°C at night, meaning the water will feel warm and once you get in, you won't want to get out.

Kitesurfing in Egypt, Red Sea - M/Y Anemone

Egypt· June 22 - 29 2024· 7 nights