Kitesurfing, November 11th - 23rd November 2023

Another extraordinary journey with our two-yacht safari adventure through the mesmerizing Red Sea and its enchanting mangrove lagoons! 40 passionate kiters from all corners of the Europe each bringing their unique skill levels and experiences to create an unforgettable camaraderie that lasts well beyond the event's end. As we navigate the crystal-clear waters of the Red Sea, surrounded by stunning coastal landscapes and vibrant marine life, every moment was an opportunity for exploration and exhilaration. From exhilarating kite sessions to tranquil moments of relaxation on deck, this safari proved to be an unparalleled blend of adventure and camaraderie. Together, we forged lasting friendships against the backdrop of breath-taking natural beauty, creating memories to cherish for a lifetime. Join us on our next remarkable journeys where the sea, the wind, and the company of fellow kiters unite to form an unforgettable experience.


Saturday morning on the 11th of November, we drove down to London Luton Airport to fly out to Hurghada, Egypt. The flight was 5-6 hours. After landing and making our way into the airport, we swiftly got everything sorted; we paid for our visas, collected our bags, and bought a SIM card to use for the week.

Stepping outside, we instantly felt the hug of warm air. Egypt is warm all year round and their autumn is what we get on a pleasant summer day in England. We were greeted by a friendly man holding an ‘Adventure Sports Tours’ sign, guiding us to our transfer bus. We rolled our kite bags over to the bus (a roughly 50m walk) and were aided to load them on. It was about a 20min journey over to the Marina. As we jumped onto the yacht, we were welcomed by Dob, Dobrin and Juliet, and some super delicious fresh mango juice, then made our way over to our booked rooms. The crew was eager to assist us all with our bags, which was very helpful.

Dinner was on the boat and as our flight got in quite late in the day, we had only a few minutes to drop our stuff off and settle in before the dinner bell rang. Food on the boat was never-ending throughout the week! It felt like a constant all you can eat buffet, of such a massive range and styles of food. For dinner, there would always be a selection of salads, meat, cooked vegetables, pasta/ rice/ potatoes (chips were a must) and an extensive desert selection.

After dinner, the bell rang again for us to gather for a briefing where the ground rules for being on the boat were set. We set our timetable for kite sessions and meal times, and safety measures were well explained. This was a great opportunity for us all to gather in one place on the first night as we all began to mingle from thereon. We then made our way up to the deck bar where many enjoyed a beer or a glass of wine where groups and individuals further got to know each other.

The first day wasn’t too windy unfortunately so when we set off on the Sunday morning, we went over to ‘Dolphin House’ where we had the opportunity to snorkel on our own accord , take a diving session or wakeboard or foil towed behind the zodiacs.

Some when deep into the Ocean to explore the bright corals and fish but most chose to have a paddle around the boat. We spent the afternoon jumping off the boat, chatting, and attempting to climb up the anchor ropes (one of us even managed to make in all the way up). As the sun began to set, we enjoyed a beer thrown to us off the deck of the boat. And just as we were taking in the breath-taking views and surreal location, we see some fins in the distance. Not sharks… DOLPHINS! So we began swimming towards them and made it to only about 10-15m away from them at which point they began swirling up and down the waters, putting on a show for us. The experience was just unbelievable! I wish I could’ve stayed for longer, but as it was getting dark and we were a fair distance from the boat, one of the zodiac speedboats came out to rescue us (something which becomes a very common experience as the holiday goes on, depending on one’s kite abilities).

Gathering for dinner the second day after a hot shower felt heart-warming: we discussed the unbelievable sights, relaxed in the comfort of the yacht salon and enjoyed the warm sea breeze on the upper deck. A buzz of excitement could be felt on the boat, in anticipation of kiting. We can only travel with the boat when it is light outside, so at the crack of dawn, we set off to reach our first kiting spot of the week as early as possible.

As soon as we arrived, everyone on the boat was getting into their suits and tightening their harnesses. Zodiac speedboats took us out to the island where we set up our kites. The views on the way over were unforgettable: bright turquoise clear water with not a wave in sight, a hot shining sun, not a cloud in the sky and a deserted sandy island in the distance. Some had lessons with Dobrin, Dave, AJ or Dan, most others were riling to go, while a few preferred to chill back at the boat.

On these trips, we seek a spot to ride offshore so that water is perfectly flat. This is something which you can never do back at your beach at home as you’ll get carried out to sea. But here, its perfectly safe; if you start to lose too much ground and can’t make your way back to shore, the crew will be out to save you with one of the zodiacs (a service which one of us made use of 8 times in one day!).